Absent Without Leave

For those of us who’ve picked it up just to put it down,

found it wanting

and thrown it around.

For those of us who return the next day

with regret in our eyes

for what we’ve chucked away.

For those of us whose keys don’t fit,

whose bridges burn

beyond paths dimly lit.

For those of us who walk slow in the rain,

who wince at the touch of the Boss and the Chain.

For those of us, I propose a toast!

Or maybe an apology,

a letter in the post.

You didn’t see me coming

but then neither did I,

for those of us who yelp and rage and fight and fly…


One thought on “Absent Without Leave

  1. A Humble Shadow April 25, 2016 / 8:59 pm

    Nice write, a gentle edge of class in those words on a subject I much like

    ‘And so to smoke the timber fell
    Time to swallow the signs that tell
    A bridge gone in all flaming hell’

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